Plantar Fasciitis: Much More Than What Fits Your Feet

Plantar Fasciitis:  Much More Than What Fits Your Feet


In order for a ball to come into the strike zone at upwards of 90 mph, there has to be much more to a pitcher’s delivery than just a strong arm.  Or even a longer arm that has the potential for more leverage (i.e., whip).

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Fitting Running Shoes: Pseudoscience that Hurts

Fitting Running Shoes:  Pseudoscience that Hurts


If I had to guess, I would say the lady that was crying right in front of me was no more than 34 years old.  Up until now, she had been in this Luke’s Locker to be fitted for the same neutral running shoe year after year.

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Is Heel Striking Bad?



If we go way back to when you first started loading the foot as a bipedal being, when you got to the stage of being able to run; rather than heel striking, your front-foot was most likely making contact with planet Earth, first.  At that point in your development, your foot and the entire chain was being driven by the ground from the bottom-up. And other than making the conscious choice to run, everything else was taking place without any conscious thought on your part.

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