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When you experience pain or an injury it’s due to an accumulation of stressors that are difficult to avoid. For more specifics on stressors that can be avoided, click here.   

Rick Merriam’s Bio

In 1994, I completed a 600-hour Massage Therapy Program at The Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy.

From 2003 – 2009, I worked as an applied biomechanics consultant and sports massage therapist at ESPN. My primary role was to work with sports- and work-related injuries. 

Over the last few years, I have been quoted in Runner’s World UK, Massage Therapy & Bodywork, Massage Magazine, IDEA Fitness Journal, Massage & Fitness Magazine, and The Guardian Liberty Voice.

I have also served as an applied biomechanics consultant for the fitness staff at Canyon Ranch, and The Greenbrier.

I have held a license to practice massage therapy for over 20 years.

For the first 18 years of my career, I was a nationally certified personal trainer.  During that time, I completed thousands of one-on-one personal training sessions.  And I went on to teach biomechanics to personal trainers, group exercise instructors, and physical therapists throughout New England.

In 2009, my wife and I moved to Dallas, Texas. Not too long after we arrived in the state that we now call home, I found meaningful work at Luke’s Locker.  An established family-owned high-end specialty running shoe store with many locations throughout  Dallas/Fort Worth.

After two years of working at Luke’s Locker in Plano, Texas, I became very proficient in the art of fitting running shoes. I also came to understand the impact that a running shoe can have on the human chain.

Prior to teaching applied anatomy & kinesiology at Parker University in Dallas, I taught kinesiology and advanced kinesiology of the lower extremity at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy.

I have been on the faculty at Parker University for 7 years.


I’m a member in good standing with the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association).

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Texas Massage Therapy License:  MT110566


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Optimal performance comes down to a muscle’s ability to engage at the right time and at the right joint. Quality motion requires more stability. If you’re tired of dealing with the same pain and/or an injury, and you want to function better than you did prior to the most recent set back in your training, feel free to reach out to me here: or @rickmerriam on Twitter.