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 Weak Hips Are Not Necessarily a Cause of Hip, Knee, or Back Pain

“To assume the gluteals are dormant is a lot to assume, said Rick Merriam in an online interview with Massage & Fitness Magazine, who teaches anatomy & kinesiology at the Parker University in Dallas, Texas.  

For many years, many people have been told that if they just strengthen their core musculature, they’ll avoid back pain or an injury.  But yet, every year, billions of dollars are spent on back pain.  The missing piece to a complex puzzle that’s not being looked at enough is the ability for a professional to figure out which muscles aren’t capable of playing their role.”   

Weak Hips Is Not Necessarily a Cause of Hip, Knee, or Back Pain.

Runner’s World UK: Do You Really Need To Stretch?

“Rick Merriam (, who teaches anatomy and kinesiology at Parker University School of Massage Therapy In Dallas, US, agrees, Muscles get tight for a reason he says, The brain is the control centre, therefore it always determines which muscles will be tight.  Tight muscles are doing their best to keep a joint from reaching a position where there is insufficient stability.”

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The Guardian Liberty Voice Discusses Stretching with Rick Merriam

 “Stretching by itself will not get the under-performing muscles back online, and stretching will dampen the [neural] input to the weak and tight muscles, making them slow to contract at the right time, Merriam added.  “The one consistent metric with all injuries in sport and life is this: Can the muscle(s) contract at the right time, in the right plane, and at the right joint?  That is a question worth asking.”

 Stretching May Not Always Improve Athletic Performance
Massage Magazine: The Top 10 Tips for Career Longevity

Strengthen your feet.  “When it comes to preventing injury, I think the value of keeping our feet closer to the ground is extremely underrated.  In order to avoid all of the challenges that come with having weak feet, I go barefoot at home and wear zero-drop lightweight, flexible shoes when I’m working.”

– Rick Merriam

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